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Macca’s- A Florida Grill

For months I have heard about what good food and music is available at Macca’s at night. I figured if that many people are singing its praises, I should check it out. If the food is fantastic at night, then logic would have it that it should be the same during the day.

I suppose that is what I get for thinking.  To be fair, I should also admit that I am not a huge fan of seafood, so my review of a seafood place might be a bit biased.??I went with a friend of mine for lunch.  Usually when I am meeting someone at a place that is either new or insanely popular I won’t go between 12:00 and 1:00 because I am not a fan of “the wait”.  Being ushered to a table as soon as we hit the door at 12:30 might have been an omen.

We looked over the menu and I noticed a few things that looked appealing.  My friend imediately zero’d in on the Coconut Bay Shrimp; We also thought the nachos sounded appealing and I ordered fish taco’s.

The menu described the South Florida Nacho’s as: White corn chips smothered with queso, Jack, and cheddar cheeses, black bean sauce jalapenos, and pico de gallo.
Served with sour cream.  Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?

However, what I got was more along the lines of what you get at a high school football match. The “queso” was that yellow cheese sauce of unknown origin. There were entirely to many pickled jalapenos and a half a container of sour cream.  Just enough fresh jalapenos to give it a powerful kick mixed in with a pico de gallo that also orginated somewhere else and traveled far distances in a jar or can.  I almost forgot, there was a bit of shredded, melted cheese around the edge of the plate, but hardly any of it touched a chip.  Please do not charge me 6.50 for what I can get on any Friday night for 2.00.

Lunch arrived about 20 minutes later.

I think it is only fair to say that my experience with fish tacos is limited to Cheeseburger in Paradise and a Mexican Joint in LaGrange, both of which make excellent tacos.  Unfortunately, Macca’s should consider a change in recipe or a drop from the menu.  The menu described them as: Tender whitefish served your way (grilled or fried) with carribbean spice rolled up with coleslaw Pico de Gallo in a flour tortilla served with french fries or rice. This time, that is what I got but the flavor combination of the pico and the slaw was not good.  I think this dish would have improved greatly if the slaw had been closer to Mark’s Feedstore (vinegar) and less like KFC (Miracle Whip-ish).  ??My friends shrimp was, according to her, excellent.  Good news, it isn’t all bad!  Maybe the issue here is to stick with the more traditional “seafood fare” or go at night when the music and spirits add to the atmosphere.
I also feel I have to add that my favorite “Florida Grill” is Boston’s in Delray Beach, Florida and everything I have ever eaten there has been excellent.  Walking out of Macca’s we got a nice breeze and for a moment, if I let my mind go I could picture myself walking out the door and on to the beach and I almost “got” the concept.  And then my friend mentioned how good the fish dip is at Boston’s and I realized that even with the sea air and ocean breeze, Macca’s would still not be my “Florida Grill”.??I was so disappointed, I had high hopes for this place.  I might give it another try some night when the Prankster’s are playing and I can have a few beers.

Rating: 4/10
Price: $31.18 ( gratiuity not included)-for 2 lunches, appitizer and 2 drinks
Phone: 502.618.2770
Address: Westport Village 1315 Herr Lane, Suite 101 Louisville, KY 40222
Website: http://www.maccasgrill.com/

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