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Cumberland Brewery

My sister and I had our dinner at Cumberland Brews early on a Friday evening. We opted to sit inside and in the narrow downstairs area. After we were seated all of the tables were filled and it felt busy but never chaotic.
I ordered a veggie burger with a side salad instead of steak fries (although they looked very good).  There was an additional charge of $1.25 for the salad but it was well worth it. My sister ordered the fried cod on rye sandwich.

We both had a pint of pale ale brewed right behind the bar ($3.25 during happy hour). You can see the shiny steel brew works through the glass wall. The beer was very fresh and flavorful. Well balanced – crisply bitter with enough citrusy sweetness to really satisfy.

Cumberland serves Coke products if you are not able to have one of their handcrafted beers. Any restaurant that serves Coca-Cola products earns points with me; I’ve always preferred the Coke burn to the Pepsi sweetness.  I fondly remember the huge neon Coca-Cola sign that greeted me anytime my parents drove us back to Louisville from Indiana. I still miss that bright red beacon in the city skyline.

Our meals arrived before we were halfway through our pints. My sisters’ fish sandwich was made up of cornmeal-coated mini fillets pile high on the bread ($9.50). This was served with plenty of steak fries and a crispy pickle spear.

My veggie sandwich was a thick falafel patty fried until crunchy outside but still moist on the inside ($8.95). This was topped with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion circles. It was very tasty and really complemented by the toasted bun.  Guacamole was served on the side for topping the burger; I chose the spicy mustard instead. The side salad was comprised of lively mixed greens and topped with snappy, thin tortilla strips, a tomato wedge and a huge slice of cucumber, the dressing was served on the side.

There were several homemade cakes displayed under glass on the bar. They looked good but we were too full to sample any of the desserts.

During out stay we had two different servers who worked seamlessly to make sure we had everything we needed. Cumberland Brews should not be overlooked as a very good place to eat, not only as a place to enjoy locally crafted beer.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $14.06 + tip
Phone: 502.458.8727
Address: 1576 Bardstown Rd.

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    love this website… I am the “breakfast” version though

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