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Shah’s Mongolian Grill

You gotta love a place that has a picture of Genghis Khan over looking the buffet area explaining the “house rules”. Those rules are simple enough, Lunch is one trip to the grill and one trip to the salad bar, additional visits makes it dinner and that will cost you extra.

I have mixed emotions about my lunch at Shah’s. My bowl was piled high with veggies and an egg. I used several ladles full of bean sauce, Mongolian sauce, garlic sauce, a touch of sesame oil and a dash of curry powder; it was my own special combination and it tasted heavenly. I also had a salad with the jalapeno, avocado salad dressing. The dressing was surprisingly very good. The only part of my meal that was disappointing was the rice, it was a bit soggy and for fried rice that does not work well. My meal would have been complete and perfect, had brown rice been offered.

Being a woman who is concerned about fat, salt, sugar and the general taste content of the food I was a little worried about how healthy my lunch had been. I had too many plates in front of me to see the placemat that read:

“Shah’s Mongolian Grill is proud to serve you all fresh ingredients, no animal fat, no MSG. We serve fat-free dressing and only use natural sea salt, which is a healthier alternative to table salt.”

I was happy to discover that I was full but not in a sodium laden way and I was not starving 2 hours later. Score one for Shah’s!

One thing I did find interesting was that from 9pm-3am, 7 days a week they have “Star Karaoke” featuring “Lots of Mexican and Spanish songs fun to dance to, lots of beat array of music” AND Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese pop songs. That would be worth a venture out at least once for this home body!

Rating: 7/10

Price: $9.95 +tip

Phone: 502.493.0234

Address: 9148 Taylorsville Road, Louisville, KY 40299

Website: http://www.shahsmongoliangrill.com/

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