10 May 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Look out, Louisville…Sammy’s back!

Hey ev’ryone…remember me? I’m Sammy, Louisville’s favorite lunch review blogger.

Anyway, after some job changes, and other stuff, I’ve decided to come back and start reviewing my lunch spots again. With this recession and all, I’ve kinda been eating badly (i.e. fast food). And since my M.O. here has always been to not review chains and fast food, I’ve been kinda quiet. Plus, everyone pretty much knows what those places taste like. Those chains spend millions of dollars making sure that it’s the same junk in Louisville as it is in Sante Fe.

There have been some exciting and sad changes in the Louisville restaurant scene since I’ve been gone…

  • Beloved restaurants that have closed:
    • Browning’s (which is supposed to be re-opening very soon…YAY!)
    • Park Place
    • Kaelin’s (birthplace of the cheeseburger)
    • Oak Street Pizza
    • Market on Market
    • Primo
  • And some new faces that I’m ready to try out:
    • Bunz (on Baxter Ave. next to Wick’s – Formerly Omar’s Gyros)
    • Boombozz Pizza & Tap House (renovation and expansion of the Highlands’ location
    • The new Quill’s Coffee location (on Baxter)
    • Jimmy John’s popping up on every corner

So, I’m happy to be back and I’ll try to blog a bit more frequently. As long as people keep readin’…

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