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The Granville Inn

I had always heard that the Granville Inn had one of the best hamburgers in Louisville. I think I’ll be able to back up that claim now. This charming Old Louisville haunt is typically filled with regulars watching one of the many flavors of ESPN, drinking a beer and enjoying some really good pub food. Now, I think Jam and I are regulars here, or at least our ol’ buddy, Jessica makes us feel like we are. In early June, we came here 2 days in a row, which is a first for LouisvilleLunch.com. Read on to find out why…

Not happy with his last culinary creation, the Pie Slamma-Jamma (remember that debacle?), Jam decided to make up his own sandwich. He took the best (i.e. fried) parts of the Finger Lickin’ Fowl Sandwich ($6.25) – Hand-breaded fried chicken breast with lettuce and tomato and the Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich ($6.50) – Grilled chicken breast with bacon and cheddar, served with Honey Mustard. Essentially replacing the grilled chicken with the cheddar, bacon and honey mustard. What a combination it was. This thing was MASSIVE. It didn’t faze Jam. Nothing does. As long as honey mustard’s involved. He cut off a bite for me to try, and it was excellent.

I ordered the Bacon Bleu Burger ($6.50), which is their famous burger with bleu cheese and crispy bacon. The burger was juicy and crisp around the edges and smothered in bleu cheese crumbles. The bleu cheese was almost too much, and I ended up scraping some off near the end, but that’s just me. The bacon was indeed crispy, just the way I like it. The big crinkle-cut fries made the meal complete.

Day 2: I had to get the Jam Special. It was great!!! I had a really hard time with it. I left a large portion on the plate, much to Jam’s dismay. Jam got the Jam Special as well, after all, it’s his creation. We brought our buddy, Harry along. He used to come here quite a bit before he became a vegetarian. He got the Vegan Burger ($6.25) and the onion rings. He didn’t miss a bite.

That brings me to what’s so awesome about this place (other than the charm and the awfully nice service you get here): They make a lot of this delicious food from scratch. It’s not your everyday food service stuff. They told us they make their own Ranch dressing, pizza sauce, the burgers are made fresh as they’re ordered (never frozen) and they hand bread their chicken, even. These onion rings are made from, like, gargantuan onions first of all, and the breading (hand made, of course) is like what heaven would taste like if you deep-fried it (surreal, huh?). That’s what sets this place apart from most pub-type places. That and the antique Bevador beverage cooler that I covet. Hard to believe this things still keeping your frosty beverages ice cold.

Speaking of icy cold beverages, sure they have your Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite swill, but also have some a nice selection of craft-type beers on tap as well. I really need to take up drinking beer at lunch, damnit. (not really!)

We need to try their pizza next time, and that Grilled PB&J looks pretty tempting as well.

Go check this place out, if you haven’t already and ask Jessica for the Jam Special. She’ll know what you mean!

Rating: 9/10

Cost: $8.14 + tip
Address: 1601 S 3rd St. | Louisville, KY 40208
Phone: (502) 635-6475

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  1. Ally 29 July 2008 at 11:04 pm Permalink

    The Granville is the best burger in town for sure! I’ve never had a bad meal there. YUM!

  2. Pamela 30 July 2008 at 3:14 pm Permalink

    Grilled PB&J? A couple years ago Old Lville coffeshop had the Elvis, a grilled PB banana sandwich. Now, THAT was cool.

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