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Twig and Leaf

Sorry I’ve been so hard to find lately, folks. I’m vowing to get back to writing reviews again.

Jam, Valentino and I had some errands to run the other day, and just couldn’t decide where to eat lunch. So, I just kept driving south on Bardstown Road, and we just couldn’t put our finger on where to go. That’s when the awesome vintage neon sign caught our hungry eyes (what?).

This place has been a Louisville institution since 1941, and I imagine the recipes have stayed the same. It’s consistently good diner food. Like most good diners, breakfast is served 24 hours a day. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’m a sucker for breakfast food. Like the kid in Juno, Breakfast for dinner, or lunch in our case here, is my favorite too!

I went with the Double Loop ($5.45), Two eggs, bacon (or sausage), Twig Taters and Toast. It’s alot of food. I got my eggs scrambled (with cheese because of the waitress’ upsell), with extra crisp bacon. The eggs were great…buttery, cheesy and fluffy. The bacon? Well, I think my business cards are thicker. It was cooked a bit overdone, but I guess it’s hard to make such thin bacon crispy. The Twig Taters? OH, the Twig Taters! Along with the Bristol’s Green Chile Wontons, the Twig & Leaf’s Twig Taters should put Louisville on the map of culinary delicousness. What? You’ve never heard of that map? C’mon! The toast was buttery and perfect, but you know, I don’t think I’ve ever had *bad* toast. (See my Toast review)

Valentino got a burger with bacon and cheese and the Twig Taters. He loved it. For some reason, he wasn’t as big of a fan of the Twig Taters, but he’s a little crazy.

Jam chose the Biscuit and Gravy Platter ($6.45) because it came with more food than mine for only a dollar extra. He’s a thrifty fella. He devoured the two biscuits slathered in gravy (which they say is “nearly world-famous”…ha ha), with two eggs, bacon and twig taters. What a lunch!

We left there stuffed and more than satiated.

This place will always hold a warm place in my heart. It always reminds me of the days of going out until 4AM, then hitting the Twig afterwards. The place was always packed. I haven’t done that in a while so, for all I know the tradition still stands. Let’s hope so…it’s a good one!

Rating: 7/10

Address: 2122 Bardstown Rd | Louisville, KY 40205-1916
Phone: (502) 451-8944

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