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Fire Fresh BBQ

Yup, another barbecue place reviewed on LouisvilleLunch. I can’t help it! There are a lot of good BBQ joints here in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky! Actually, I wouldn’t call Fire Fresh a “joint”…it’s too classy for that. They’re looking to franchise this small Louisville-based chain throughout the Eastern Seaboard. If there are any investors reading this…GO START ONE OR TWO…IT’S GOOD BBQ!I’ve been enjoying Fire Fresh since their early days when they were known as Firehouse BBQ. And what a long, tasty trip it’s been.

Their pulled pork is as tender as the day is long. They don’t skimp on the portions either, it’s a pretty big sandwich. Douse it up with sauce and you’re on your way to Tasty Town.

The Hazmat sauce is a wonderfully spicy sauce, but for those without guts (Valentino, I’m looking at you), they offer 4 other sauces. I like the Hazmat so much that I’ve got a constant supply in my fridge at home.

All of the sides are above average as well. What sticks out in my memory is their Mac-N-Cheese, Cinnamon Apples (my kids love those things), and their seasoned fries. The generous helping of fries are tiny little things that pack a good punch of seasoning. They go great dipped in your sauce of choice. Who needs bland ketchup when there’s 5 sauces to choose from?

Valentino and I visited their downtown location, but they have 4 other “stations” around town (see their website for more information). Valentino ordered the Barbecue Chicken Sandwich with fries, and didn’t complain once.

Rating: 8/10

Address: 211 S. 5th Street | Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502-540-1171

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