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Dublin’s Cellar (Formerly Willy’s)

The LouisvilleLunch crew used to visit Willy’s semi-regularly. I guess not as regularly than I thought, because last week when we rolled up, we noticed a name change. When we asked the waitress, she said the changeover happened a few months ago. Wow. Way to keep up on the restaurant scene, Sammy! Jam, Valentino (formerly Ricky…he demanded a name change) and I ventured out and as usual, no one had any recommendations, until we hit the Irish pub block of Bardstown Road, when I recommended Willy’s…err…Dublin’s Cellar.

We ordered a round of cokes as I practically drooled over their beer selection – 68 brews on tap! The waitress was a bit slow on getting refills (which is hard sometimes with Jam around), but was nice, yet not over the top. We were the only group in there, with the exception of obvious regulars hanging out at the bar, talking to the staff.Jam and I ordered their (according to the waitress – “the best thing on the menu”) Guiness-battered Fish and Fries, yup – not “chips”. But, as they proudly announce, this is “not your average Irish pub”. I could tell that from their fish…I wondered if this was the best thing on the menu, I’d hate to try the worst. It wasn’t that bad, necessarily, but it was rather plain, and I expected more from the Guiness batter. It was served on traditional rye bread and came with some cajun-spiced fries (!!??). Again, not your average Irish pub food, indeed. Hey, they admit it, though, right? The tartar sauce was picklier than most, and very sweet. Yes, picklier. I just made that word up.

Valentino (formerly Ricky) ordered the Grilled Chicken sandwich. He noted that it was a bit chewy. The fries were too much for ol’ Valentino. They lit him up. He doesn’t handle the spice too well. See our review for Kashmir for more on his wimpiness (ha ha).

Not sure that this will continue to be a regular stop or not.

Rating: 5/10

Address: 942 Baxter Ave. | Louisville, KY 40204
Phone: (502) 583-2969

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