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Toast on Market

Ricky decided to head out with Jam and I today for lunch. Before we left, we made a list of possible places for us to vote on:

  • Toast on Market
  • Market on Market (trend here??)
  • Irish Rover
  • Artemesia

Toast was the last one mentioned (by Ricky) and we all excitedly agreed. Breakfast for lunch or dinner (and even breakfast!) is always a good thing for me. The place was packed and we had to wait about 10 minutes. Not bad for a Tuesday afternoon.Ricky and I both ordered the “Cliffie’s Plate”- 2 eggs any style, choice of bacon, patty or link sausage, hash brown casserole, two buttermilk pancakes, and plenty of toast & jam ($8.50). I got my eggs scrambled with crisp bacon, and declined the polite upsell of pecans or blueberries for an extra $1.

The eggs were great – fluffy and cooked perfectly. The bacon was okay, it was kinda crispy, but still a bit limp. The hash brown casserole, while usually not a favorite of mine, was pretty tasty. It definitely had some green pepper overpowering the taste a bit on the 1/2″ potato cubes, but the crunchy coating helped balance it out. The buttermilk pancakes made up for everything. They were awesome. Ricky described them as “cakey” which he wasn’t crazy about, but I left no trace of them on my plate. Come to think of it, neither did he…

The toast? OH THE TOAST! Best I’ve ever had. No wonder they named this place after their world-famous toast!!! Cooked to perfection…ha…just kidding. Toast is toast.

Jam got the “Monte Cristo”- Brioche filled with slices of ham & baby Swiss cheese served with orange and rosemary syrup ($7.50). He finished it before both of us, and we didn’t hear much out of him, except asking for more Diet Coke. Actually, he didn’t have to ask. The server really stayed on top of the refills. We like that! He also cleaned the plates off the table quickly. Great service and very friendly fella.

I also think they were on to us, after we left a “Sammy was here” card on the hostess station before we got our food. Nonetheless, a great meal served by great people!

I’ve heard they’re packed on the weekends, so get there early!

Rating: 8/10

Cost: $11 and some change + tip
Address: 736 East Market Street | Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502.569.4099
Website: www.toastonmarket.com  Yikes…comic sans? Really?? 😉

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