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Kentucky Barbecue Company (formerly Bourbon Brothers BBQ)

Wow…another awesome barbecue restaurant on Frankfort Avenue? I’m in hog heaven.

Kentucky Barbecue Company (formerly known as Bourbon Brothers BBQ back on Brownsboro Road) now occupies the old CafĂ© LouLou location at the corner of Frankfort Ave and Pope Street in Louisville’s historic Clifton area. Their pulled pork barbecue is better than I remember, although a bit more expensive and larger than I remember also. SOOO worth it.

I ventured out on my own this past Thursday without the usual crew. Luckily, they had both a Velocity and LEO newsstand outside to keep me company. Although, my waitress probably would have sat next to me to entertain me as she was so warm and friendly. I thought it was cute that she called me “honey” and she was much younger than I am. (Don’t tell my wife!)

I ordered a Coke and the 1/2 Pound (!!!) Pulled Pork Sandwich ($7.99) which came with a boatload of fries. The food was brought out very quickly and served with the standard onion and pickle. Ms. Friendly brought out their 3 Barbecue Sauces – Sweet ‘n’ Spicy, Texas Hot, and a North Carolina vinegar-based sauce. I thought I’d like the Texas Hot the best, but to me, the Sweet ‘n’ Spicy had just the right kick and sweetness to it (insert another waitress joke here).

If you’ve been following my little restaurant review blog here, you know that I love me some barbecue. This is definitely a place I’ll be coming back to regularly. I couldn’t eat all my fries, but forced myself to finish that 1/2 pound of pork. I felt a bit gluttonous, but this was for the betterment of Louisville Lunch, so I marched on. I’m a trooper like that.

I really need to go for dinner and get a beer, as they had a nice selection of micros on tap.

Rating: 9/10

Cost: $9.52 + tip
1800 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY 40206
(502) 895-3419

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    Ribs are good. Attitude, atmosphere stink!

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