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Bluegrass Brewing Company (BBC)

Typically, I really love this place. I don’t know if we just came on a bad day or what. Maybe it’s the recent remodeling that made them forget how to make great garlic fries. Who knows.

I ordered my typical burger [Yeah, I like burgers…what of it?] with onion straws and bleu cheese with the normally spectacular garlic fries. The burger was good, the garlic fries…not so much. The garlic, which is usually cooked a bit more and adheres via delicious grease, was just about raw. I like garlic…but when it’s not cooked, it’s a bit much. I’ve never had bad fries here before today. They are the one reason I like to come here (other than the great beer), and I was disappointed.

Ricky got the Bison Burger ($9.99) with cheese, onion straws and bacon with slaw on the side. They forgot the slaw and brought fries instead. They brought out his correct side, so it didn’t seem to faze him, since he got a little bonus. Ricky likes bonuses.

Ricky’s wife, Bobbi, chose the Margarita Pizza ($6.99) with Pepperoni (??!!) and she thought there was a bit too much cheese, but that would be a plus for me.

Jam decided on the Parmesan Chicken sandwich ($7.99) and didn’t hear a complaint. Other than the Diet Coke not being filled enough. I swear, if you ran a hose from the fountain to Jam’s glass, he’d empty the thing.

Our server wasn’t so responsive, and right as we were about to shoot a picture of the numerous empty glasses, she came to give us some much-needed refills. She snarled a bit, too. Yikes. That’s what we get for being incognito reviewers, I guess.


Margherita Pizza with pepperoniBluegrass BurgerChicken Parmesan Sandwich

Rating: 6/10

Cost: Around $10
Address: 3929 Shelbyville Road. | Louisville, KY 40207
Phone: 502-899-7070

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