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Browning’s Brewery

Slowly trying to turn myself into a “beer geek”, Browning’s has turned into a favorite lately. It’s a bit more than I usually like to spend on lunch (I try to stay under $10 whenever possible), but it’s a place I like to treat myself to every month or so. It’s also just a few blocks from the office, which is another plus.

I went with a co-worker of mine and his brother Thursday right at noon, and the place was pretty hopping (pun intended). We were trying to get in and out in about an hour, and even though there was quite a crowd, we managed to make it happen. The service was fairly quick, but the manager seemed to come by and check on us more than the waitress did, granted they were busy.

I ordered the Browning’s Burger with fries (hold the slaw, please) – $9. This juicy 1/2 pound hunk o’ meat is smothered in a melty, gooey Pimento Cheese, and topped with thick crispy bacon. I consider myself a burger-lover, and this perfectly cooked medium-well burger is near the top of my list. It seemed a bit messier than I remember, but that’s the only complaint I had. The fries they serve are thin and crisp and pretty dern tasty themselves.

We had a photo shoot to get to, so I begrudgingly ordered a Coke, instead of one of their wonderful craft beers. The last time we were there, I indulged with a She-Devil IPA. As a lot of beer geeks (and remember, I’m a newbie), IPA’s are a favorite of mine, and this citrusy, spicy hoptacular brew will be my regular pick here.

RATING: 7/10

Cost: $11 and some change + tip
Address: 401 E Main St, Louisville
Phone: (502) 515-0174

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